Two major corporate individuals, Mike Parra (Cover of Forbes Magazine) and Amy Adoniz (former BestBuy) are joining MoonLift Capital

Dear MoonLifters,

Exciting news are always behind the corner in the world of crypto. In this case, following a recent announcement that saw MoonLift Capital add Amy Adoniz, former Best Buy representative, as strategic advisor to the Core Team, another hot name has started being associated with the project and, in particular, with MoonLift’s own B&D Macmac007.

This time, following suit, the subject of rumors has been another hot shot of the legacy business industries. Forbes Magazine Cover Mike Parra has been in direct talks with Mac, whose activities lately have created a barrage of connections in and out of the world of crypto for MoonLift Capital.

After some introductions, Mac was glad to announce that Mike, a C-level executive with 36 years of experience in a major player within the logistics and transportation industry, would be following Amy Adoniz as he’s the second high-profile to join MoonLift Capital as a Strategic Advisor.

“I am excited to be working as a strategic advisor with Mac and utilizing 36 years of supply chain and logistics experience for the greater good” — Mike Parra

With this development, MoonLift Capital keeps being associated with bigger and more influential nodes and people, network connections that can prove very valuable in the future.
In the words of Mac:

“I’m developing an all star team that is intended to create exciting and advantageous results for the crypto space and entangling MoonLift in every way imaginable”.

“…I have already introduced Mike to both Polygon and FalconX and there’s definitely something happening behind the scenes. MoonLift’s playing an important part in this whole development… and it’s only the beginning”.

“I’m preaching the MoonLift Gospel to all my connections” he added.

The connection between FalconX, Mac, MoonLift and Mike Parra might just prove to be fundamental in future developments. It should be noted, that Mac has signed a unique contract with FalconX and that he is working closely with this group. FalconX’s platform has recently witnessed a quintuplication of their value to $3,75 billion and has been the subject of considerable media coverage as it retains the title of one of the fastest growing digital asset trading platforms.

“With this collaboration, I am going to make sure to tighten the relationships between the right people across the cryptosphere and I am in a more dominant position to make sure everyone flies to the moon.

Let’s ride the Falcon and see… at the very least we’ll land on the stars”

— Macmac007

As always, remember to stay tuned to all our media channels for the most recent announcements. Last but not least, we want to extend a warm thank you for your sustained support.


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