MoonLift Protocol Weekly Update — June 2021 Week 2/4

MoonLift Protocol
3 min readJun 17, 2021

Project Progress

1. MLTP Transaction Tips

On June 8 MoonLift shared some transaction tips to help users get a quicker grasp of trading #MoonLift #MLTP tokens on @PancakeSwap.

— Set the slippage to 15%

— Ensure that the amount entered is a whole number

— Try to buy or sell part instead of 100% (90,80,70,60% etc., need to consider transaction fees)

— Increase the gas fee to 6 or 7

— Trade with $ BUSD or $ BNB

2. LBank & MoonLift

On June 8th MoonLift announced the launch of LBank, heralding the listing of #MoonLift #MLTP tokens on @LBank_Exchange. Users can also earn income by staking them on their exchange!

We operate in the same way as DEX. Transactions are accompanied by fees, which generate passive income. The buying/selling fees for LBank will be set at 10%. 100% of the buy fee will be returned to the #MLTP holder on the platform in the exchange while the sale fees go to us to process, burn tokens, and provide liquidity. Starting from next month, we will repurchase $MLTP from the market every month and burn them all. For more details click:

3.Good news about the project ranking

On June 10, MoonLift had a growth spurt!

1) @coingecko & MoonLift

On June 10th MoonLift was launched on the Coingecko charts, but we are still in the process of updating several indicators, so you may not be able to see us on the ranking list. Don’t worry! Follow our official Twitter account, and support us via the following link to the Coingecko page:

2) @get_delta & MoonLift

On June 10th MoonLift was launched in delta investment tracker, an investment website that provides multi-asset information. The community can learn more about MoonLift’s products and services on the website.

There will be more great news to share with the community in the coming weeks. Just a hint (MoonLift will be launching its own decentralized transaction platform soon). Stay tuned to our official Twitter feed and get first-hand information at any time!

4. LBank & MoonLift Join Airdrop

On June 10th, MoonLift and LBank will be holding a massive MLTP airdrop. Just complete the following tasks to win $6000 MLTP tokens

— Follow @MoonliftI and @LBank_Exchange

— Retweet this post and tag three of your friends

— Join the telegram group &

— Fill out the form at

Time: June 10 — June 16

Community Development

1.AMA in the Official Telegram Group

On June 7th, one of the co-founders of MoonLift conducted an AMA campaign in the official English Telegram group. In the event, he/she answered a series of questions from the community in detail concerning MoonLift’s tokenomics and project progress. If you have other questions, you can also join our Telegram community at and the admins will respond to your questions promptly!

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MoonLift Protocol

Community driven passive income generator protocol running on #BinanceSmartChain