MoonLift Protocol Weekly Update — May 2021 Week 4/4

To share the progress of MoonLift Protocol with our vast number of users, the MoonLift team decides to review the latest updates in the form of weekly updates which all users can follow to gain real-time information.

Project Progress

1.MoonLift is listed on PancakeSwap

After its successful listing on Pancake on May 26, MoonLift witnessed the following achievements within the very first day:

  • More than 5000 MLTP holders made a handsome profit by holding tokens;
  • Nearly 20 million tokens were burned;
  • Up to now, the price of MLTP is 4.2 times higher than the initial price, with an increase of 7 times than the presale price
  • Followingly, we burned 10% of the token supply to enhance the value of MLTP. Click on our contract address and join us. You can make a profit just by holding our tokens!

2.An overview of MoonLift’s performance on PancakeSwap

  • Until now, the price of MLTP is 4.2 times higher than the market price, with an increase of 7 times of that for the private sale;
  • Total tokens burned: 10.03 billion
  • Additional token supply: 89,958,098,785 (compared to the original supply of 100B, the first 3 days witnessed a trading deflation of more than 10%, which was equivalent to $3.4 million). For more details:
  • Locked liquidity: 8,545,021,345;
  • Total circulation: 9,434,006,081
  • Market value: $ 3.6 million
  • The number of token holders: 5055
  • Staking rewards allocated: MLTP of $141 million
  • MLTP Token contract has been verified on bscscan 0xf390fB7d16f2cbba037c1fC48862463116a7E545

3.MoonLift is listed on Bilaxy

Operation Progress

1.MoonLift & BSC NEWS

On May 25, Tullio Cavallero, the Branding & content of MoonLift, was invited to participate in the AMA held by BSC NEWS on Telegram. After introducing the advantages and features of MoonLift in detail, Richie issued a reward with a total of $50 to 2 lucky audiences and received a warm welcome from all members of the community.

2.Hacken & MoonLift

On May 25, MoonLift announced that it had performed a security test of its smart contract on Hacken. The test verified the system’s safety and stability which laid a solid foundation of technological safety guarantee for MoonLift’s listing on PancakeSwap.

3.MoonLift Protocol & Crypto Booster

On, May 27, MoonLift Protocol reached a strategic consensus with Crypto Booster, a collaboration that will accelerate MoonLift’s global growth.

4.MoonLift & SushiSwap & Wault-Finance

On May 28, MoonLift announced the partnership with SushiSwap and Wault-Finance, which enables users to trade with MLTP and BNB on these two decentralized platforms. And MoonLift has locked LP into Wault finance locker.

Team Progress

1.An Overview of MoonLift’s core features: a newly-designed and informative OnePager

To provide users with quick and convenient access to the core information, MoonLift has launched convenient infographics of OnePager, including the key strengths, tokenomics, roadmap, the team profile, and our partners. For more information, please check the onepager below:

2.The Upgrading of our Professional Team

On May 30, MoonLift team welcomed another important member, Mr. Mac, who enjoys great prestige in Matic mitra and unilend legion. With his rich experience and expertise in the field, Mr. Mac will serve as the head of business strategy development and provide more valuable service for MoonLift by giving full play to his close relation with OxPolygon and Unilend-Finance.

Community Development

1.Entering the Chinese Market

To generate a stronger international influence of MoonLift Protocol, and provide more convenient services for Chinese investors, MoonLift decided to enter the Chinese market on May 26 and meanwhile create specialized channels for MoonLift fans in China:


2. Airdrop on Telegram successfully completed

On May 26, the Airdrop organized by the official MoonLift Telegram community successfully ended, with BUSD of $5,000 distributed to 10 lucky participants (the list of award winners is already published in the official Telegram group).

Are you also interested in receiving rewards? Come and join our Chinese Telegram group to know more promotional acitivities!

Up till now, MoonLift has completed the airdrop in the Chinese community and on Twitter. As of May 30, the total number in the Chinese fans group has surpassed 500; and there have been more than 15 thousand forwards and views on Twitter; MoonLift has distributed MLTP of $1,000.

Follow us @MoonLift to join in more activities and win bigger rewards!

3.The Upcoming MoonLift Quiz Airdrop (Round 1)!

From 10 p.m. June 5, we will provide an award of MLTP of 200$ in total in MoonLift’s Telegram community, at 10 p.m. every Wednesday for the quiz airdrop!

The award is MLTP of 200$ which will be equally distributed to 20 quizzes, or in other words to 20 lucky participants (every participant will have the opportunity to win MLTP of $10).

To know more details about the event, please follow us on Telegram and Twitter.

4.MoonLift Dutch Market is coming!

MoonLift has gained wide attention after opening the Chinese market. MoonLift will continue to promote global strategic development and will soon open the Dutch market to provide more services for the vast majority of MoonLift Dutch investors and enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more information.

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