Moonlift Protocol Weekly Update August 10th

Dear MoonLifters,

A lot of developments have been taking place over the first part of August. We have seen Moonlift Protocol striking two important partnerships, the adding of a new yield farming pool and much more! Let’s take a look at each progression individually:

1. MoonLift x Unityswap

With this partnership, MoonLift and Unityswap have agreed to the exchange of technical knowledge, community-building, and liquidity providing. To celebrate this, Unityswap will airdrop $UNITY to every $MLTPX holder at launch. Therefore, individuals holding $MLTPX do not need to take any action as they will automatically receive their airdropped $Unity depending on the amount of $MLTPX that they own. As long the $MLTPX are stored in a private wallet, individuals will be eligible to receive their $Unity. In case liquidity is currently being provided, individuals can continue farming as usual, the team will make sure to take care of this. Make sure to stay up to date as more details remain to be announced. You will find links to all of our social media and announcement channels at the bottom of this article.

2. MoonLift x Crudeoil Finance

With this partnership, Crudeoil Finance and MoonLift have agreed to share their respective resources. Crudeoil Finance will provide its yield optimizers, MoonLift its dex AMM and yield farming platform so that Crudeoil Finance will build farming strategies for MoonLift and, therefore, maximize the user’s earning through, for example:

-Auto compounding feature, which will maximize earnings and users won’t have to manually compound their earnings;
-Additional Crude reward, which will boost the APY on Moonlift farms.

Crudeoil.Finance will fuel 3 different pairs of yield farming opportunities:

  • BNB / BUSD
  • MLTPX / BUSd

Check the video guide (How to use Crudeoil vaults for the MoonLift DEX users and optimize your earnings): and to learn more!

3. AMA sessions with with @cryptocclub01 and @CryptoooBooster

Moonlift Protocol was recently present on the Saudi Arabian telegram channel Crypto 0.Seven as well as on the international telegram channel Multi-Chain Booster. Informative sessions were held, with both live as well as preordained twitter questions so that the respective telegram communities were able to have their doubts clarified as well as be informed about the recent developments in Moonlift Protocol.

4. MLTPX/CAKE available on MoonLift DEX Farm

A new highly requested farm, MLTPX-CAKE LP, was recently made available on MoonLift DEX Farm. At the time this article was written, there are four kinds of farms that users can choose from the MoonLift DEX: MLTPX-BUSD, MLTPX-BNB, BNB-BUSD, MLTPX-CAKE.

5. Moonlift expands its offering to other projects

MoonLift now provides a low swap fee rate for your project, full technical and marketing support, and access to further MoonLift products at zero cost. Please contact @Gecko05178121, @LoginoD, or @richie_fallclis directly if you are interested.

6.MoonLift Reported By Market Watch and Yahoo Finance

MoonLift Protocol Officially Partners With Polygon, Launches Its DEX And New Token Version” — Since MoonLift has already successfully built a community of thousands of people with its transparent and customer-friendly approach, releasing further functions of DEX is seen as a crucial development in its expansion and is positively received by crypto fans.

For further information and the original articles please see:

7.MoonLift: Massive Potential BSC Crypto Gem, from Youtuber CryptoWendyO

Moonlift wasn’t only recently talked about in the news, a youtube video has also recently been made on the protocol.

Watch it here:

Needless to say, much has been in the works in the first part of August. Make sure to follow us through the links provides below and, as always, we want to extend a warm thank you to our community. None of this would be possible without your sustained support.


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