MoonLift Protocol to provide total 1M BUSD/$MLT locked liquidity to PancakeSwap and SushiSwap

Dear MoonLifters,

We have seen exponential growth in recent times. As a community, we can be proud of this achievement. Nonetheless, there has been widespread concern about the amount of liquidity MLT will have at the start of the project and in the following first months. Because there is an increasing need to address this matter and because we wish to create a relationship of full transparency between the community and the developing team, we are now going to explain further what we have done to guarantee copious amounts of liquidity and why we made these choices.

First of all, we are aware that there are numerous amounts of people waiting excitedly to buy their first MoonLift Tokens. We are growing fast and with that, the need for proper amounts of liquidity becomes critical. With a lot of people buying and selling MLT we must ensure that every individual participating can obtain positive impact from this community-based initiative. For this reason, our tokenomics are going to be put to work from the first second after launch.

A low liquidity must never be an obstacle to buy or even sell your MLT. Last week, we put up a poll and we asked for your opinion precisely to address this situation. 85% of the community was in agreement with this critical need, so we chose to allocate a certain amount of MLT to ensure that liquidity will never be an issue. Right away, we started negotiations to make a deal with a trusted group of long term liquidity providers.

We are proud to announce that we moved forward with speed and that we have come to an agreement with the liquidity providers that will guarantee copious amounts of liquidity at the launch and for the next 4 months after. This is because the LPs have agreed to lock their funds for this vesting period, therefore enabling a successful trading experience of MLT for everyone else.

Since a part of every MLT trade redirects a chunk of the value to the Liquidity Pools, within these initial 4 months our community will be able to collect large amounts of liquidity, meaning that even when the vesting period is over for the initial liquidity providers, we will be able to move forward smoothly without impacts from hypothetical rugging attempts.

As you will undoubtedly understand, everyone wants to make a profit, initial liquidity providers included, so we had to offer this party a profitable deal.

This is the agreement that we have made and how the project will proceed further:

We have allocated 25% of the total MLT supply to said group of liquidity providers. They will be subject to the same vesting period as everyone else. When the first portion of MLT will drop upon launch, this group will lock away the first 25% of MLT into liquidity for the next 4 months to guarantee generous amounts of liquidity. The locked amount of liquidity will be available for everyone to see and inspect first hand.

At the same time this deal gives us the opportunity to add another $1M liquidity from the project funds. This will ensure a successful launch on Pancakeswap and Sushiswap.

There aren’t any whales within this group of liquidity providers since the allocation of MLT is fairly shared between all of them (about 25 people), therefore even further reducing any single party’s ability to influence the liquidity of our community’s project.

On top of this, we feel the need to share that we do not dishonor our seed investors and that the sale price of the MLT destined to liquidity providers has been higher than the original seed sale price of $0.00006!

Lastly, we wish to stress that this deal was not only made with the best interest of our community in mind, but that it was also driven forward in toto by the community’s opinion which was gathered in the recent polls.

We hope that you all understand how critical this added liquidity will prove to be from the start of the project. It will guarantee for everyone at least a 4 month period of peaceful value creation without having to be preoccupied about sufficient liquidity, meaning we will avoid the issues such as impossibility of trading and scarce liquidity.

Ultimately, this deal was made with a win-win mindset and it will promote smooth sailing and longevity for the MoonLift journey by exploiting the functionality of our tokenomics from the very start. Even big sales will not affect the liquidity in a negative way; in fact, it will do the exact opposite by benefiting long-term holders by means of a direct allocation of 50% of the originally collected trading fees.

In case further doubts are present, we want to encourage you to reach out to us and shed light on any remaining skepticism. We have made a commitment to full transparency from the start on and we intend to maintain our promise.

Thank you all for your continuous support,


The MoonLift Core Team

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