MoonLift Protocol Lottery Launch

Dear MoonLifters,

The time has come for the third feature to be released on the Protocol’s own DEX. On 26/08/2021, MoonLift Protocol will be releasing its own Lottery system.

By accessing this feature, MLTPx owners will have the opportunity to purchase Lottery Tickets for the price equivalent of approximately 5 USD in MLTPx. There is no limit as to how many tickets an individual can purchase, although individual transactions allow a max bulk purchase of 100.

Every lottery has 6 predetermined prize brackets (correlated to the 6 digits in the lottery code). From left to right, the amount of numbers on a ticket matching the lottery code will represent the price bracket. The numbers need to match in sequential order from left to right. Every number after the first non-matching number is not eligible.

This could mean having 5 matching numbers but no prize. Or 1 matching number and a small prize. Check the examples below:

Possible Lottery Outcome
Ticket Example #1

This could be one of your tickets. As you can see, the last two numbers also match the lottery outcome. Unfortunately these numbers aren’t eligible because the fourth number breaks the sequence. You would be in the third prize bracket on this ticket.

Ticket Example #2

Another example. As you can see, this is a very unlucky draw. All numbers match except for the first one, which makes all following numbers in the sequence ineligible.

Needless to say, the higher the amount of corresponding numbers from left to right, the higher the prizes that you will receive:

Prize allocation is dependent on the amount of correct numbers

On top of this allocation mechanism, prizes will be determined by the amount of participants and the earnings of prize pools in recent lotteries. If recent lotteries haven’t won the jackpot or many prizes overall, the prize pools will increase.

The distribution of prizes is simple. Every ticket that ends in a pizebracket takes an equal share of the prize. For example, if one of your tickets has prize bracket 4 and someone else’s ticket has the same prize bracket, you will get 50% of the prize for that bracket.

Does this sound interesting to you? Make sure to get your first tickets on our DEX!


The MoonLift Protocol Core Team

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