MoonLift Protocol has undergone an audit performed by Hacken and passed with 0 vulnerabilities

Dear MoonLifters,

Today, another critical milestone has been reached. With a chest full of pride and excitement, we can announce that Moonlift Protocol has undergone another audit performed by Hacken and passed with 0 vulnerabilities. Last time, we told you that a couple of vulnerabilities in the contracts had been found and we immediately took this to our development team. Having sent our updated smart contracts back to Hacken for another audit, we were tested for the most commonly known vulnerabilities that are generally considered:

The Hacken team performed an analysis of code functionality with both manual as well as automated checks.

We are glad that the audit categorized our smart contracts as “well-secured,” the highest grade:

We were provided just with some best practice recommendations, which have already been taken care of by our developers within a short time since receiving the audit back, as you can inspect for yourself at

For transparency, which we have always been committed to, here are the simple suggestions we received in the report:

At this point, only more and bigger steps are waiting for us. Next week, to further increase the reliability of the results, we will be undergoing a third audit by another party, Certik.

On top of this, by the end of the day we will be announcing the release date on Pancake swap as well as other technical details.

Things have started to move faster and faster and, as always, we couldn’t be doing this without you, our community. Don’t forget to ask for further clarifications on our channels that you can find underneath. The journey ahead is a splendid one and we are happy that you are with us.


The MoonLift Protocol Core Team

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