MoonLift Protocol Design Contest!

Dear MoonLifters,

As you may know, Moonlift Protocol has been working intensely in collaboration with independent artists for the creation of our strategic card game with proprietary design and story line that will be part of our Play and Earn platform.

However, being a community-driven project, Moonlift Protocol also wants YOUR participation, your creativity, your art!

Hence, we are glad to announce our first Drawing Contest, where individuals can gain hefty rewards in $BUSD by sharing their artworks, if they are lucky enough to be chosen by the community itself!

The prize scheme is:

  • 750 $BUSD for second;
  • 500 $BUSD for third.

As mentioned, the winners of the contest will be selected by the community. How?

Artists who decide to participate will need to promote their artwork on social media to get as many likes as possible!

The 10 entries with the most likes on social media will go to the next and final round for the discord community vote.

Cheating will not be tolerated and anyone caught falsifying or increasing their likes in non-organic ways will be disqualified.

Example Hero Design

So, what is being requested of you in terms of your artistic prowess?

The objective is to design your ultimate hero for our Play to Earn game. Winning designs will be added to our game!

Contest will run till 16/09/21, day on which the community will cast its vote for the three winners!

We hope to see countless of you participating! Follow this link to enter your submission and good luck!


The MoonLift Core Team

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