Moonlift Protocol connects with big corporate!

Dear MoonLifters,

The time has come for a suiting introduction to the latest addition to the MoonLift Core Team.

Needless to say, one of many common problems across the crypto-sphere is that of finding ways to evolve beyond the still relatively underground world of blockchain and reach out to the legacy world of institutions and big business. This is why MoonLift has decided to add a new Strategic Advisor to the Moonlift Core Team.

With an extensive background as R&D at Best Buy, this year’s 66th Fortune 500 company, an enormous player in the tech-retail industry, Amy Adoniz will help steer MoonLift Protocol as it moves beyond its crypto-womb towards the corporate world.

As part of Best Buy’s Customer Centricity team, Amy’s work had a direct effect on shaping Best Buy’s present-day business:

“Today’s Best Buy is a direct correlation to the work we did to satisfy what our customers were looking for in the technology space” — Amy Adoniz.

Since Moonlift Protocol is also developing its gaming platform and NFT marketplace, her experience and network should prove critical to these two very R&D intensive processes.

As she establishes a practical collaboration with our B&D Mac, the reaches of MoonLift will extend considerably. Together, they will bring a plethora of connections both within crypto and the corporate world.

Mac has already connected MoonLift Protocol with the newest crypto-giant $MATIC Polygon for the development of multichain DeFi and gaming experiences and has reached out to FalconX for a possible similar collaboration.

Negotiations are taking place with the latter party, whose platform has recently witnessed a quintuplication of their value to $3,75 billion and has been the subject of considerable media coverage as it retains the title of one of the fastest growing digital asset trading platforms.

MoonLift’s association with and expansion through these and other future projects would prove to be incredible boons for the adoption of the ecosystem, as has been MoonLift’s existing connection with $CQT Covalent, whose technological expertise has fueled the development of the MoonLift Protocol Dex.

In the upcoming future, B&D Mac and Advisor Amy Adoniz will form a strategic duo to bridge the gap between crypto and corporate, as they reach out further and develop connections with different ecosystems that create practical use cases and synergies between protocols and organizations.

In the words of Mac:

“I have already spoken to Amy about connecting with Best Buy Tech/Gaming sector. The seeds are being planted and we have had positive feedback. I’ll definitely be including my crypto-connection Polygon into the mix as well! Again, just the beginning of powerful possibilities that can lead to even greater results!”

It goes without saying that Amy Adoniz’s position as strategic advisor is a first stepping stone towards an increased rate of adoption of all things crypto and blockchain and an exciting milestone for the cryptosphere as a whole.

As always, to conclude, it is necessary to thank the community for your continued support. None of this would be possible without your participation as we continue working together on the Protocol’s expansion and adoption!


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