MoonLift Capital is born!

Dear MoonLifters,

The time has come for MoonLift to evolve beyond its womb and find a new form through a strategic restructuring of our activities. In particular, the Protocol will begin by clearly drawing the line between the different areas that have been under development lately.

First of all, Chain Wars will continue as a separate entity, whereas MoonLift will switch its focus to the provision of incubation and general support services to other projects in the cryptosphere under the new name of “MoonLift Capital”.

As a cross-chainturnkey incubator, the Core Team’s experience in the cryptosphere will be proffered to both general investors as well as crypto projects. MoonLift Capital will serve the first group by providing them a chance to gain access to investment opportunities on the basis of a tier system that ranks individuals according to their MLTPx holdings. The latter group, on the other hand, will have a chance to purchase marketing, fundraising and community-building services that leverage the Core Team’s existing network and diversified expertise.

Among a different set of resources, a couple of exemplars of those that MoonLift Capital will provide and connect projects with include:

  • Partnerships: Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, KuCoin, CertiK, Hacken, Crypto Booster, LaunchZone, BSC Army, Black Lemon and more;
  • Financial resources: Moonlift Capital will benefit from the Moonlift base group signed up to our platform. Also, Moonlift Capital connects to many critical nodes in the financial networks associated with different blockchains and social media;
  • Marketing resources: BSC Army, BSC News and more.

In the near future, one of the first objectives of MoonLift Capital will be that of creating a V2 DEX which will include new designs and a fully rebranded frontend, cross chain incubation, launchpad with a tier system for MLTPX holders, an NFT marketplace, single staking options and more.

Once the new MoonLift DEX will be released, MoonLift Capital will be able to provide projects with cross-chain support and incubation. In the meantime, some of our current tokenomics will remain, such as buyback and burn from collected fees on our DEX. On top of the current mechanism, 10% of MoonLift Capital’s revenue will be used to buy back and burn more tokens.

In regards to Chain Wars, make sure to remain tuned to our media channels as our next Medium article will make sure to update the community about developments in that area.

Needless to say, we have to extend a warm thank you to everyone who has stuck beside us all this time. None of this would have been possible without your support.


The MoonLift Protocol Core Team

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