Liquidity provider reward program for the MoonLift token holders

Dear MoonLifters,

We are proud to announce to our community that, once again, we have taken steps forward to further strengthen our rewarding mechanisms.

You already know that the transaction costs (buy and sale fees) are partially redirected to provide benefits to the long-term holders and partially to replenish the liquidity pools.

Now, we have added another perpetual clause in our contracts that will incentivize Liquidity providers even further. Liquidity providers will be entitled to a portion of the liquidity that has been collected thanks to the “tax fees” on trading: 25% of the transaction fees automatically return to the liquidity pools, ensuring long-term growth, as we have acknowledged in the past.

Now, let’s assume one of you has provided liquidity on BUSD/MLT and you decide to retrieve your funds. At this point, you will receive a portion of the automatically created liquidity pool as a bonus. This bonus will be equal to the relative liquidity percentage that you owned.

Let’s clarify with an example:

• Richie has been providing liquidity on BUSD/MLT for 3 months. Richie wants to finally cop a Lambo, so he chooses to retrieve his funds;

• At the time of withdrawal, the Liquidity Pool created through the tax fees on trading has a current value of 1M dollars (hypothetically!);

• Richie withdraws his funds and he obtains a bonus equal to a percentage of the original pool he extracts from. If Richie owns 1% of the general pool he is retrieving his funds from, he will also be entitled to 1% of the automatically added liquidity until that moment;

• With a hypothetical automatic liquidity of 1M dollars, Richie will receive 10 thousand dollar worth of Liquidity Pool tokens as a bonus.

In case further doubts are present, we want to encourage you to reach out to us and shed light on any remaining skepticism. We have made a commitment to full transparency from the start on and we intend to maintain our promise.

Thank you all for your continuous support,


The MoonLift Core Team

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