First $MLTP Manual Burn Event Completed

Dear MoonLifters,

Yesterday, 26/05/2021 was the single most important day for the MoonLift community since we started this project just a few weeks ago. All steps were taken from the developing team’s side to ensure a smooth and safe MLTP launch.

Needless to say, despite all of our best efforts, we were devastated to see the impact that scammers managed to have on our launch. We were subject to an organized attack of FUDders that kept posting the wrong contract address and who also released a fake MLTP at the same time. As the developing team, we were very saddened to hear our community suffered from this. In the world of crypto, the creation of multiple tokens with the exact same ticker is a common misadventure for investors.

Despite having taken every precautionary measure that we could think of to ensure a safe launch, we feel like we owe the community some sort of reparation. As a gesture of goodwill from the developing team, we want to announce that we are manually burning 10% of the total MLTP in existence. From a total supply of 100 billion MLTP, we will, thus, reach a total of 90 billion MLTP.

This goes hand-in-hand with our long-term deflationary strategy that accompanies the automatic 10% burn applied to the fees collected from the transaction costs.

We hope that this gesture will be able to help some of the people that were scammed yesterday and that it will instill trust in our community. All we can do is continue to work as hard as possible to deliver our promises.

You can find the $MLTP Burn Transaction here.


The MoonLift Protocol Core Team

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