Discontinuing our farm and withdrawing your LPs.

Dear MoonLifters,

With the new V2DEX under development and the new direction that MoonLift has set its course upon, the decision to discontinue our farming services is a natural stepping stone on our path to future growth on our upcoming, more finely calibrated DEX.

As we know, some of you still have your LP-tokens locked into the old MoonLift farms. With this article, we want to make sure to provide everyone with step-by-step instructions to make sure you can unlock your funds and retrieve your LP-tokens.

It’s important to state that, although this manual was made with the clear intention to help you withdraw your funds, MoonLift is not responsible for any losses, monetary or otherwise, resulting from the use of this manual.

A prerequisite for the usage of this manual is Metamask and works best on a desktop environment.

Moonlift MC old address: 0xb6493a0c3082e549a1b5073553b6849800c3e285

Select the wallet you used to farm the LP’s.

Keep in mind this method only works with the wallet originally used to upload the LP’s in the contract. You will NOT be able to extract the LP’s from other wallets.

Confirm the disclaimer:

After you have successfully connected your wallet you will see a green bullet mentioning connected with the wallet address. Check if this address corresponds with the original address used for uploading the LP’s.

The following Pool ID’s have been used with the MoonLift MC

0 — mltpx-busd;

1 — mltpx-Wbnb;

2 — wbnb-busd;

3 — Cake –MLTPX;

4 — Cake — BUSD;

5 — Cake — BUSD.

Continue to confirm the transaction through MetaMask (and possibly your connected hardware wallet).Once the transaction is confirmed, you should get your LP tokens back.

The transaction fee for this action should be low, as in normal transaction fees on BSC (so not in the range of 0.4 BNB). If not, retry the previous steps.

You can review your transaction by clicking the view transaction button, next to the write button:

It’s up to you to keep your LP-tokens as they are and enjoy the passive fee income or break the tokens. Mind this could have an impact on your original stake because of impermanent loss, a concept that you can find more about here. At this point, you should be able to see your funds in your wallet.

We hope that this step-by-step guide provides the necessary help to those who are in need of guidance to withdraw their funds. In case further issues arise, do not hesitate to contact any of our community managers on our media, which you can find below.


The MoonLift Protocol Core Team

Official website: moonlift.io

Official DEX website: dex.moonlift.io



Medium: https://moonliftprotocol.medium.com


Instagram: https://instagram.com/moonliftio

English Telegram Community: https://t.me/MoonLift

Chinese Telegram Community: https://t.me/MoonLiftChineseChat

Announcement channel: t.me/MoonLiftAnnouncement

Dutch official channel: t.me/MoonLiftDutchOfficial

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