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MoonLift Protocol

Dear MoonLifters,

The next steps of our journey have swiftly been taken through a sudden turn of events. An unexpected error in the MLTP smart contract code means that MoonLift is going to migrate onto a new token, MLTPX!

Having implemented the tax in the token model complicated the contracts enormously and, as many of you have become aware through direct experience, this has also created issues with our purchase and sale mechanisms from the very beginning.

On top of this, we had been wondering for some time whether we wanted to keep the MLTP token with the tax mechanism…

We’re very excited to announce that MoonLift Protocol will be launching its DEX and bringing a new version of its original BEP20 token (MLTP) on Polygon!

MoonLift Protocol will import numerous different features to Polygon, from yield farming options to Lotteries, NFT marketplace, and its very own gaming platform.

In so doing, MoonLift Protocol will expand its reach and audience as well as benefit from the cheaper gas fees. Additionally, the Polygon integration will allow MoonLift Protocol to enjoy a fastly-growing ecosystem that will fuel it by opening up many new opportunities for development.

Most importantly, the games built by…

Dear MoonLifters,

Numerous developments have been taking place over the last weeks and we are proud to finally announce them to our community.

Hold on to the edges of your seat, because MoonLifters everywhere are about to step into their role as galactic saviors.

Millenia of warfare destroyed the essence and energetic core of our galaxy: the SuperNova. With the SuperNova destroyed, all planets have lost their potential for growth.

The Inhabitants of the galaxy suffered as the potential for new planets being born died off and darkness descended upon their worlds. However, this year a beacon of light and…

Project Progress

1. MLTP Transaction Tips

On June 8 MoonLift shared some transaction tips to help users get a quicker grasp of trading #MoonLift #MLTP tokens on @PancakeSwap.

— Set the slippage to 15%

— Ensure that the amount entered is a whole number

— Try to buy or sell part instead of 100% (90,80,70,60% etc., need to consider transaction fees)

— Increase the gas fee to 6 or 7

— Trade with $ BUSD or $ BNB

2. LBank & MoonLift

On June 8th MoonLift announced the launch of LBank, heralding the listing of #MoonLift #MLTP tokens on @LBank_Exchange. …

Community is the main driving force for the vigorous development of the crypto industry which has reached a consensus over the importance of a self-organized and autonomous community. Despite that, the blockchain is still in a difficult transition from “token-holding consensus” to “community autonomy”. In the long run, we can foresee that the decentralized autonomy system is becoming ever more mature, as been witnessed especially in the DeFi ecosystem, such as the “decentralized central banks’’ launched by Maker DAO and“Everyone is a shareholder of Federal Reserve’’ initiated by Basis Gold. …

Dear MoonLifters,

As you may be aware, on the day of the MLTP release there was an issue related to the automatic airdropping of passively earned MLTP. Sadly, this means that our community members who held MLTP until the issue was solved didn’t receive the tokens they deserve.

The developer team was immediately put to work to ensure that the problem would be fixed ASAP, so the token model was quickly made to function within a few hours. Nonetheless, compensation for the missed MLTP is still to be made.

All wallets that didn’t initially benefit from the tokenomics were recorded…

To share the progress of MoonLift Protocol with our vast number of users, the MoonLift team decides to review the latest updates in the form of weekly updates which all users can follow to gain real-time information.

Project Progress

1.MoonLift is listed on PancakeSwap

After its successful listing on Pancake on May 26, MoonLift witnessed the following achievements within the very first day:

  • More than 5000 MLTP holders made a handsome profit by holding tokens;
  • Nearly 20 million tokens were burned;
  • Up to now, the price of MLTP is 4.2 times higher than the initial price, with an increase of 7 times than the presale price
  • Followingly…

MoonLift and Crypto Booster have reached a friendly cooperation agreement. The two parties will cooperate in carrying out global marketing and creating marketing channels in a full round manner. Crypto Booster will support MoonLift’s global development strategy by providing a customized communication plan and fully unleashing the potential of MoonLift products as well as the market. Specifically, it will help to give full play to MoonLift’s unique positioning as a community-driven blockchain project based on BSC as well as to its distinctive advantage of bringing users passive income. …

Dear MoonLifters,

Yesterday, 26/05/2021 was the single most important day for the MoonLift community since we started this project just a few weeks ago. All steps were taken from the developing team’s side to ensure a smooth and safe MLTP launch.

Needless to say, despite all of our best efforts, we were devastated to see the impact that scammers managed to have on our launch. We were subject to an organized attack of FUDders that kept posting the wrong contract address and who also released a fake MLTP at the same time. As the developing team, we were very…

Dear MoonLift community,

Welcome to the MoonLift Leadership Campaign!

Only three days left for MoonLift to be listed on Pancake. To help MoonLift enhance its impact before being listed, we are introducing our MoonLift leadership campaign. In this campaign, we need your leadership in promoting the MoonLift Twitter and Telegram community to increase project awareness and engagement by taking simple actions. To thank the role you play, we are giving out $1,000 in MLTP during this bounty campaign.

Date: Starting on May 22nd and ending on May 29th.

Bounty campaign Allocation: $1,000USDT

Participating Rules:

  1. Follow:
  2. Join: English community: Or Chinese community:

MoonLift Protocol

Community driven passive income generator protocol running on #BinanceSmartChain

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